Social Media advertising and the law – a guide for brands and 'influencers'​

If you are a business owner and you don’t know what a social media influencer is, you should. Here’s our definition: a user of a social media platform that has built a large (or dedicated) enough base of followers that their perceived credibility on that social media platform can influence the decisions of others. 

People often underestimate the power of social media as a marketing and advertising tool. In a recent article, we noted that some business’ social media

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Intellectual Property - Know It, Use It or Lose It

The emergence of social media as a marketplace has proven that a business is only as successful as the brand it has nurtured. Everything from your Instagram handle, to your product designs and even the source code behind your software contribute to your business’ overall image, reputation and market share and are all examples of Intellectual Property (IP). For many businesses new and old, IP is the most valuable and enduring asset they hold.

Lawyer Laura Spalding explains why it’s important to understand the value of your business’ intellectual property.

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