Why Cubed by Law Squared is More than an Online Legal Service Provider


By Shara Lim, Legal Project Officer

Law Squared has created the ultimate product in Cubed, specifically designed to provide a speedy and affordable legal solution for startups. Cubed by Law Squared is a revolutionary tool to implement legal foundations and safeguard businesses from risk that does not rely on online legal automation templates.

There are three key points of difference between Cubed by Law Squared and an online legal template services provider:

#1: Law Squared is a law firm.

Many online legal template service providers are not law firms – rather, they are websites that seek to monetise what they classify as “low hanging fruit”. Offering no legal support or advice and no clear direction to ensure that the document you are downloading is relevant to your business, these providers offer you no comfort in ensuring your business is protected.

Cubed by Law Squared is designed to allow real human-lawyer interaction to ensure the documents accurately suit your business and its legal needs. DIY template documents, boiler plate clauses and no guidance from a real lawyer leaves your business exposed.

#2: Speed and cost certainty.

While it may seem cost-effective to use legal templates, the time and money you save initially can be quickly recouped through legal trouble caused by faulty documents. At Cubed, we value transparency. Consequently, we operate on fixed fee basis the costs of which are clearly outlined in our engagement.

Online legal template providers may seem quick and easy in that they allow you to “fill in the blanks” and download the document almost instantly, ready for you to implement in your business. At Cubed by Law Squared, a lawyer guides you through the initial stages. Following a series of answers to some questions, they review the document to ensure it fits your needs and then send to you for your use. Our turnaround time is less than 24 hours of you providing us with all the information we need. 24 hours isn’t long to wait for a document that is fit for purpose and sufficiently protects your business.  

#3: Legal documents you can read.

Document templates can use technical terms known as “legalese” which can make it difficult for those outside the legal industry to assess whether they are appropriate for their needs. This can result in the wrong documents being used, or confusion about what is being signed.

Cubed by Law Squared has created a unique set of document styles and language that are simple and unambiguous. This helps you make the right decisions for your business and be comfortable with anything you are signing or that you are implementing in your business moving forward.

The bottom line?

Simply having an online legal template in place in your business will not always protect you. Effective legal documents should provide your startup with the flexibility to seamlessly scale up or down as needed.

Engaging a lawyer in your entrepreneurship journey to assist with preparing your legal documents can guide and protect you in achieving your long-term goals and objectives without jeopardising your legal position.

Cubed by Law Squared is not an online legal template service. Rather it merges cutting-edge legal tech with human expertise in a time-effective, cost-effective package. It is an essential tool for any start-up, who is serious about protecting their business.

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