IP License Agreement


Intellectual Property License Agreement

What is it?
An IP License Agreement grants a person or a company permission use your intellectual property in exchange for a fee. These agreements set out the rights and responsibilities of both the licensee and the licensor. The benefit of having a well-drafted agreement made for your company is that it will legally protect you from misuse or modification of your IP. This will allow you to put your IP to work and make it profitable without worrying about losing legal ownership of it.

Why Cubed by Law Squared? (No DIY template docs here)

Cubed by Law Squared offers legal documents for your business at an affordable price. This means no more copy-and-pasting important legal documents!

What will I get?

You will speak to a real human lawyer to help understand what Cubed documents your business actually needs.

Clean and simple legal documents drafted by lawyers with early stage businesses in mind.

A quick and efficient way of getting the right documents for your business to take you from ideation and MVP to your first Seed fundraising round.

Access to great early stage content to help you navigate the legal aspects of early stage businesses.

How do I get it? (We need to know a little more about you)

After speaking with one of our lawyers and agreeing to work with us, our plain-English and user-friendly bot will ensure we get the information we need.

From here we create and tailor the documents to match your business’ requirements as well as industry specifics. This means you won’t be caught short if things don’t go to plan!

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