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$1,500 plus GST

Family, Friends & 'Fans'

Investment Essentials

You've got a product, you've launched to the market and now you want to take it to the next level. Some money might help, right? Friends and family (and some may say 'fools' but we prefer ‘fans’) could be a valuable source of capital early in your business’ life cycle. Down the track, sophisticated investors may look to see if your friends and family have taken a chance on you.

We see many clients muddy relationships with their family, friends and business associates over investment conflict. This can be avoided with the right agreements in place along with honest discussions as to the risks associated with the investment.

There are a number of ways in which funds can be raised for your business, and this bundle will guide you through that process.


A consultation with a lawyer to determine the type of documents required as well as the proposed investment terms and a follow up consultation with a lawyer to review the completed documents and answer any queries

Subscription Agreement OR Application for Shares (whichever applicable)

Term Sheet

Circular Resolutions