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Cubed by Law Squared Pricing

Cubed by Law Squared uses the latest in legal technology to craft tailored legal documents for your business within 24 hours. This turnaround time offers huge flexibility. If you are simply looking for a one-time use document we can provide that. If you’re ready to write a shareholder’s agreement, founder’s deed or other single use documents then our per document pricing structure is the way to go.


Alternatively you might be looking for a range of documents. You could be incorporating, hiring staff and setting up your privacy policy all at the same time. If this is the case investing in Cubed by Law Squared’s retainer packages makes sense.


 With a retainer package we will write multiple bespoke documents for you and can create multiple iterations of those documents. This means, for example, a unique employment agreement for each new staff member. On top of this added legal security you can touch base with Cubed by Law Squared’s lawyers for monthly check-ins and casual questions. Retainers offer ongoing engagement and access to a dedicated Cubed lawyer. Not only will you have legal documents backing up your business, but you’ll also have the security of the Cubed team acting as your trusted advisors to help steer your business through the startup journey.

Cubed Offerings

Cubed by Law Squared - Pay-Per-Document

Sometimes you just need one single document. You don’t want to deal with all the usual hassle of lawyers who want to sell you everything under the sun. We get that. If you’re not ready for ongoing support, Cubed by Law Squared can provide any document on a one-off basis.

Check out our range of bespoke legal documents for your business.

Cubed Plus Retainers Page.jpg

Cubed Plus - $397 Per Month

One step up from the Basic package, this option gives you access to 3 documents and some of our Law Squared services, such as a monthly check-in with our team to discuss your legal needs, and any more complex and sophisticated legal work that your business may require. This option also gives you access to the 3 tech bots you selected and allows you to create new documents without any additional cost!

Cubed Unlimited Retainers Page.jpg

Cubed Unlimited - $597 Per month

This option is specially designed for businesses who prefer more of a hands on approach and require someone in their corner to support their growing needs. One step up from Cubed Plus, this option allows you to gain access to our team via our Slack channel.

Cubed Advisory Retainers Page.jpg

Cubed Advisory - $999 Per month

If you are approaching the growth stage and want to take your business to the next level, we endeavour to offer you our thorough and ongoing support with this option. On top of that, we will help you implement and become a part of your Advisory Board in the early goings which is crucial for the advancement of your business.