$1,000 plus GST

Your Dream Team

Agreements to have in place when working with others

Have you engaged a web developer to set up your site? Are you having an app built? What about a graphic designer to help you with branding? Smart move! Get even smarter and have contracts in place with your team to ensure you, your IP, your confidential information and your business’ overall integrity is protected before bringing others on board.

Your brand, product designs or domain names are all forms of Intellectual Property (IP) your business is likely to possess. For many businesses IP is the most valuable asset they own. If your business relies on or generates income from its IP, we recommend ensuring these assets are adequately protected. This bundle allows you to put your IP to work and make it profitable without worrying about losing legal ownership of it.

What’s included

A consultation with a lawyer to determine the type of documents required and a follow up consultation with a lawyer to review the completed documents and answer any queries

Independent Contractor Agreement (Designers/web developers & other) OR Services Agreement (whichever applicable)

Non-disclosure Agreement